Honesty – The Best Policy

Let us use this opportunity to ask ourselves a simple question: are you honest with yourself? From a very young age, we all have been taught that honesty is the best policy. Parents and teachers made us believe that it is the most important characteristic that a person should have throughout one’s life. It is undoubtedly true that honesty is the best of all ethics. But, while highlighting the importance of honesty, there is an important area that most of us miss underscoring. It is the importance of self-honesty.

Being true to oneself is very important in life. Ask your kids not to compromise their life to make others satisfied. There is no point in being dishonest to oneself and upholding the concept of ‘honesty is the best policy’ for gratifying others. People have to realise the fact that there is no point in being true to the world without being true to oneself. Ask your kids to start thinking for themselves before they start thinking for others. Make them understand that it is their core that decides how they appear before others. So, never make your core get corrupted to please others. Some of the benefits that kids can achieve by being true to themselves are listed below.

  • Kids can become more fearless. By being true to themselves, kids will start to accept their flaws and weaknesses. Simultaneously, it will help them understand what they are capable of doing. Such a comprehension will help them boost their self-confidence and make them realise the areas where they have to work on for improvement.
  • They can easily travel to their inner selves. Being true to oneself means there are fewer distractions and layers between soul and body. Self-honesty helps kids to gain more clarity in their lives. It lets them identify who they really are and what their life goals and priorities are.
  • Relationships become healthier. Self-honesty is very important for a happy relationship. If kids cannot be honest with themselves, then there is no possibility that they can be honest with anyone else.
  • Life will be more peaceful. By being true to yourself, there is no need to satisfy others. Kids will start living their own reality, rather than depending on the one which is established by the people living around them.

“No Legacy is So Rich as Honesty”

Honesty reflects the strong moral character of an individual. Upholding honesty grants a chance to mark self-expression and to live a life by being true to oneself. Even though it is easy to proclaim ‘honesty is the best policy’, the practicality of applying it in life without treachery is not that easy. Leading an honest life is a demanding task, but the delight it offers in the lives of individuals is transcendent.

Ask kids to ignore the ‘what others will think’ part of their lives and stay true to themselves. One has to present themselves as their true self no matter what others will think. If your children are interested in writing essays on such topics, there are multiple resources available on the internet to refer to. By exercising essay writing activities, kids can easily develop their English vocabulary and improve their language skills. Moreover, it will help them attain information regarding various knowledge and offers a chance to strengthen their wisdom. For more learning topics and entertaining activities, visit BYJU’S website.