Choose The Best Refrigerator Style For Your Kitchen Design

There are various types of refrigerators available in the market. Hence, it becomes a little difficult to choose the right refrigerator that meets all your family requirements and looks great in your kitchen interior design. The ideal refrigerator should have sufficient storage capacity and must fit in the kitchen perfectly. Also, you have to ensure that the colour and design blend in perfectly with the kitchen interior design.

The style of the fridge you choose for your kitchen interiors will have a huge impact on the kitchen’s functionality. While some are economical and energy-efficient, others have lots of features and are designed to add more convenience to your life. Mentioned below are the various types of refrigerators available:

01 of 05 All Refrigerator

The most economical refrigerator model is the all-refrigerator. They look similar to an upright freezer and do not have a lot of frills and features. However, you can easily organise the food items in the refrigerator as there is sufficient space. While the frequently used items can stay on the lower shelves, the items that are used rarely can be kept at the top.  Although some of these fridges do feature a freezer, they do not have a lot of storage space. If you already have a freezer at your house and do not require another one, buying this fridge is the best option available in hand. In most models, manual defrosting is required.

02 of 05 Single-Door Refrigerator With Freezer

If you are looking for an economical fridge and require an attached freezer, the single-door refrigerator is a great option. Although this type of fridge has only one door, it has a small freezer compartment at the top. As a result, the storage capacity is less compared to other fridge types and also, it proves to be less energy-efficient. This is because every time the fridge door is opened, warm air rushes inside and increases the temperature in the freezer. Hence, more energy is consumed by the fridge to maintain the optimum temperature of the freezer. Most freezers are small in a single-door refrigerator and require defrosting. If you need a small fridge but the freezer is indispensable, a single-door refrigerator is exactly what you need.

03 of 05 Refrigerators with top-mount freezers

Refrigerators with top-mount freezers are the most commonly used refrigerators in households. These fridges are the perfect blend of economical and functional options. Also, they have adequate storage space and a compact design. Contrary to the other types of fridges mentioned above, these have a separate freezer mounted on the top. Hence, the freezer is opened seldom and the fridge consumes less energy to keep it cool. Depending on your needs, you should choose the size of the fridge and the freezer compartment. As there are many different models available, it will not take much time to find one for your kitchen interior design that satiates all your needs.

04 of 05 Refrigerators with bottom-mount freezers

Just like many fridges feature a separate freezer compartment at the top, you will find many fridge designs where the freezer compartment is at the bottom with a separate door or drawer. Compared to the top-mount fridges, these prove to be more expensive. This is because they have various features that make life convenient and are available in various colours, designs, and finishes that enhance the appeal of various kitchen interior designs. Also, the storage capacity varies from model to model. While some fridges feature a shelf or pull-out basket for the freezer, others come with a door or a pull-out freezer drawer. Since the refrigerated items are located at eye level and frozen items are stored at the bottom, accessing items becomes easier as well.

05 of 05 Side by Side Refrigerators

If you are looking for an option that offers plenty of storage space, consider buying a side-by-side refrigerator. These are more expensive than the other types of fridges available in the market. This is because they feature two side-by-side doors and offer more storage space. All side-by-side models have higher capacities than traditional fridges and their range starts from 22 cubic feet. In most designs, the freezer is on the left side and the refrigerator is on the right. However, it may vary from model to model. The high-end models are often available with water and ice makers/dispensers.