Amazing Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you looking to boost the performance of your WordPress website and make it safe and stable even with heavy traffic? If yes, you should consider managed WordPress hosting services. It is a type of web hosting servicegeared towardsensuring the optimal running and maintenance of WordPress sites. Hosting companies can structure their servers according to WordPress requirements and hire support staff who are CMS experts. And, in the case of managed hosting, they offer additional features and services to ensure minimal downtime on your website.

Advantages of Managed Hosting Services

WordPress hosting plans can be managed or unmanaged depending on the type of services offered by the service provider. Managed hosting is generally suitable for businesses with high-traffic websites and the ones who are looking for specialized services to ensure the optimum performance of their websites. Let us look at some of the other benefits of choosing Managed WordPress hosting services.

  • Excellent Support: Since the hosting service providers focus on WordPress and their support teams include experts, the level of support provided to their clients is excellent. The support staff is fully qualified to deal with all kinds of problems.Additionally, the hosting company keeps track of your website’s performance continuously, which helps identify potential problems. So, when you opt for managed hosting you can be sure of continuous support for smooth running, higher uptimeand low latency levels.
  • Optimise Hardware and Software: Your managed hosting service provider ensures that all the hardware and software used to run your website is the latest available version and in tune with the WordPress requirements. It ensures that you do not need to fine-tune your software or hardware from time to time. Services like server-level caching do away with the need to choose plugins for the same.
  • Best Security Practices:Since the hosting service provider is also managing your website, it will take adequate measures to keep your website safe from security threats arising from malware and hacking. The hosting provider will take regular backups of your site to ensure easy restoration if something goes wrong. It will also optimise its servers for WordPress security, doing away with the need to install security plugins. Other security measures, like strong password enforcement, limited login attempts, and two-factor authentication, further enhance the security of your website. And, most importantly,the hosting provider has the ability to quickly clean up your website in case of a malware attack.
  • SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Tools: Your managed hosting service provider may also offer SEO and social media tools that analyse your website’s performance in terms of its features, visitors, clicks and conversions. This analysis is quite useful to enhance the popularity and success of your website.
  • Staging and Local Environment: Managed hosting services also include staging environments, where youcan test changes before implementing them in real-time. Similarly, the inclusion of a local environment allows you to make important updates to your site outside of the production server.
  • Free SSL Certificates:WordPress hosting plans generally include a free SSL certificate that signifies that your site is safe and secure. The certificate helps in keeping user data secure, besides preventing attackers from creating a fake version of your site.

So, go ahead and drive business growth with a hosting plan that helps deliver the best performance for your website.