What Causes Heart Failure And How Do You Prevent It?

Research evidence has shown the fact that heart failure is the most common cause of death in the UK. There are different reasons for heart failure.

Sometimes heart failure occurs due to weakness of the heart.

Also sometimes it happens because of excessive stiffness of the heart.

Our heart has several muscles and any kind of damage to such muscles could affect the overall functionality of one’s heart and can lead to heart failure.

So, if you are experiencing any changes in your heartbeat or breathing pattern then take it seriously and consult a heart specialist.

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Here we are listing some most common causes of heart failure to spread some more awareness.

Damage In The Valves:- Our human heart contains some valves which play a very important role to keep a heart’s functionality well.

Among all such valves, the tricuspid valve does the most important job. This particular valve keeps the blood flow normal and also directs it towards the right path.

Any damage in this particular valve could make your heart dysfunctional and eventually lead to heart failure.

High Blood Pressure:- High blood pressure is a major risk factor for human hearts. If you have an issue of high blood pressure then your heart has to put some additional effort to function normally.

And such additional efforts make the heart weak gradually and with time it becomes more dysfunctional and causes heart failure.

Coronary Artery Disease:- Among all other heart issues, this one is the most serious one. This condition gets developed when our heart becomes surrounded by fatty substances.

And as a result, our heart loses the normal blood flow and becomes weak. This condition leads to heart attack or heart failure if remains undiagnosed or untreated.

Stress & Anxiety:- Over stress and high anxiety can be potential threats to your heart’s health. It can affect the overall functionality of your heart and make it weak. So keep your mind calm and your soul nourished.

How To Prevent Heart Failure?

Here we have a list of tips on the prevention of heart disease:-

  • Get your tricuspid valve checked often and go for a regular heart check-up.
  • Do not ignore the symptoms your heart produces such as the feeling of exhaustion, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, chest pain and more.
  • Engage yourself in some cardio exercises
  • Quit smoking as this affects the functionality of your heart.
  • Say a big no to spicy foods.
  • Have control over your cholesterol level and do not eat foods that contain a high amount of unhealthy fat
  • Work on your mental health as poor mental health often weakens your heart’s functionality.
  • Try to keep your weight ideal as obesity is a serious risk factor for your heart.

Hope you got all the needed information through this article. Take care and be gentler to your heart.