Top 10 features of cloud telephony to understand how it is better than the on-premise traditional communication channels

Business communication is crucial in today’s competitive environment. It is more important today than ever before for clients to be able to communicate easily with the company of their choice. You should, therefore, take every communication channel, especially telephony systems, to the next level as an organization. Making the switch from traditional on-premise telephony to a cloud telephony solution is a smart business move. A cloud-based phone system offers numerous advantages for businesses, which is why most of them are adopting cloud telephony solutions. We’ll outline the top advantages in 2020.

1: Integrated Communications System in Place

Your business will benefit from an integrated communications system that streamlines the day-to-day operations. This service optimizes individual teams’ pipelines of work while allowing the entire organization to function smoothly. Through seamless integration with CRM, instant messaging, email, voice, and video conferencing, the cloud telephony solution outperforms its competitors and boosts productivity.

2: Extensive Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility have become critical for organizations as flexible work policies and timings become the norm. COVID 19 has compelled businesses to adopt a work-from-home model. Mobility is enabled by cloud telephony solutions. Calls and questions can be answered even when people are not in the office. To get started, they just need a smart device and an Internet connection.

3: Better Control Over Communications

Business communication and conversations cannot be tracked with traditional landline phones. You can use cloud telephony to record all your incoming and outgoing calls with the call recording feature. As a result, your business will be able to communicate more effectively. Furthermore, the recordings can be used for training purposes and future issue resolution.

4: Scalability and Customisability

In a volatile business environment, every organization must be willing and capable of adapting rapidly. A cloud telephony solution covers you on both fronts in terms of scalability and customizability, as it turns out. You can add more users to communicate seamlessly with a larger customer base with these solutions. Furthermore, if you need a custom feature to enhance your CRM integration, you can take advantage of it as well.

5: Cost Savings

Using a cloud telephony system can also save significant business amounts of money. You eliminate, for example, the cost of establishing and maintaining traditional desk phone systems. As well as not cluttering your office space, these solutions serve as a solution when your employees have to make the switch to remote working.

6: Resilience and Reliability

The traditional telephony system can be severely damaged by natural disasters like cyclones, floods, and earthquakes, but cloud-based telephony is less prone to damage. Moreover, cloud storage keeps the data safe and allows it to be accessed from anywhere. Your business will continue to operate regardless of what happens.

7: Access to Rich Business Features

Business-friendly cloud telephony systems offer a number of features. Other features include call schedulers, post-call surveys, IVR, missed call services, voicemail drops, bulk SMS automation, and more. Using these features, you empower baseline automation that simplifies business by automating manual tasks.

8: Efficiency in Sales and Support Processes

Automated dialers are a powerful feature of cloud telephony solutions that facilitate sales and support agents’ ability to make calls and send messages and voicemails automatically. Efficiencies and productivity of your employees increase substantially and, yet, sustainably, when manual work is reduced to a minimum.

9: Dependable Security

Upgrades are easy with cloud-based solutions. The latest software can be seamlessly upgraded, which gives you dependable security. The system is constantly monitored for unusual activity. A lockdown will automatically take place if anything suspicious is detected. You get your solution running again as soon as your cloud provider addresses the issue.

10: Minimal Carbon Footprint

Businesses that are new tend to be eco-friendly. Telephony in the cloud is a green technology because it does not rely on energy-consuming infrastructure. Don’t think twice before opting for the cloud if you want to make the world a cleaner and greener place.