Tips for buying a helmet

With the right motorcycle helmet, you can do a lot for your safety. Therefore, it is not an accessory that you just buy in passing. Here are some aspects which you should consider when looking for the ideal motorcycle helmets:

  • Make sure you plan enough time for the purchase.
  • Find specialist dealers who have as many helmet brands as possible on offer. This increases the likelihood of finding a suitable helmet quickly.
  • You can determine the approximately right helmet size by measuring the circumference of your head in the area of ​​the forehead, above the ears and at the back of the head. The head circumference in centimeters usually corresponds to the numerical helmet size. The helmets from different manufacturers still vary in size. Therefore, only a fitting can decide on the right helmet.
  • Your helmet must fit snugly all over your head without pressing. You can recognize the correct fit by the fact that the scalp on the forehead shifts when the helmet is turned. The interior gives a little when you use it, so don’t choose a helmet that is too big.
  • Ask your dealer about a customized interior for the helmet. With some helmets, for example, cheek pads or pads on the top of the head can be adapted to your needs.
  • The helmet padding should also lie completely on the top of your head in the area of ​​the crown. Otherwise, try a bigger helmet.
  • If you have any doubts as to whether the helmet is the right size, try to put the same helmet model on a size smaller. Only if this is not possible or if the helmet in question is unbearably pinching do you know that you have chosen the smallest possible size.
  • When the chin strap is closed and correctly adjusted, it must not be possible to pull your helmet forwards off your head, even with great effort.
  • The chinstrap should not rest on the larynx and the chinstrap lock should not press against the lower jawbone.
  • If you wear glasses, you should put on your motorcycle glasses in the helmet. Instead of sunglasses under the helmet, choose helmets with a built-in sun visor.
  • Wear the helmet in the store for at least ten minutes. This period is sufficient to identify possible pressure points and possible skin intolerance of the food.
  • Make sure you take the opportunity to borrow the helmet for a test drive. This is the best way to check the individual conditions on your motorcycle.
  • Prefer helmets in bright, bright colors.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient air exchange when the visor is closed. Check the visor properties such as fogging tendency and optical quality when the visor is completely closed.
  • Make sure that the inner lining can be removed for helmet care.

Read the instructions for use supplied carefully. It often contains important information on assembling and maintaining the helmet parts.