The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Cake

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Use the candles! This guide has our best birthday wedding cake recipes, tips, and design ideas.

It’s not a proper birthday celebration without a cake. Whether your selected flavor is chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet, birthday cakes provide you with the magical chance to make a wish and blow out the candles.

Even though your last bake appeared as if a scene direct from Sleeping Beauty, you don’t have to carefully turn to a fancy bakery to find the perfect birthday wedding cake. We collected all of our essential birthday wedding cake information, from quality recipes to ways to decorating ideas, into this guide so your next cooking project turns out just as sugary as the birthday child.

Homemade Best Birthday Cake Recipe

Few things are as festive as a towering birthday cake that’s packed with frosting and candles. However, the key to the best birthday wedding cake is you start with a quality menu that’ll ensure each part is really as moist and delightful as the next. Keep things simple with these common flavors:

  • Delicious chocolate Birthday Cake
  • Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Funfetti Birthday Cake

New to cooking? Try our easy birthday wedding cake recipes that contain simple steps perfect for the newbie baker. Make sure to check out our cake cooking guide, too, for more expert tips and tools to help get you started.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, take a look at our top-rated birthday wedding cake recipes to concern your cake-making skills. You’ll find everything from a Unicorn Wedding cake to a Decadent Fudge Wedding cake with a marbled delicious chocolate topping that’ll make you want to celebrate your birthday every day.

Resist overbeating your ingredients! Overworking the batter can form too much gluten, providing the wedding cake a thick, pancake-like surface. Here’s how to avoid other common wedding cake mistakes.

There is nothing as disappointing as a cake getting stuck in the skillet. Learning how to grease a wedding cake pan will help take away some of the stress of your day.

Ensure your coating cakes are correctly baked by using wedding cake strips. These $10 tools help your cake tiers bake evenly preventing doming.

Remember: just because it’s a birthday doesn’t mean you have to bake a part wedding cake. Sheet cakes and single-layer circular cakes are much much easier to make and frost and are just like festive.

If you discover the top of your wedding cake is sticky and difficult to frost, you may have covered it before it was completely cooled. Doing this traps high temperatures, making a wedding cake tacky and tough to utilize. Always let the wedding cake cool on the cable rack until it reaches room temperature.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

With regards to birthday wedding cake decorations, the sky’s the limit! You can go simple and elegant or completely over the top; just leave room for a few candles. Whichever way you decide to go, here are some ways to make certain your decorating runs off without a hitch.

From sprinkles to fresh fruit, anyone can come up with these easy cake decorating ideas in only a few steps.

Learn how to write on a wedding cake cleanly before trying to pipe “Happy Birthday” onto the very best.

Go trendy with your birthday cake with the addition of a drip impact like blogger Courtney Rich does. All you’ll need are some cooking chips, food coloring, and a microwave.