Selin Sakarcan Discusses a Few Common Types of Ankle Surgeries

Surgery on an ankle might be required to treat a facture or broken bone, tendonitis, arthritis or issues that cannot be effectively resolved with just medications and therapy.  Surgery for an ankle fracture tends to be done in case the bones in the ankles are unstable and require more support to heal.  Milder fractures, when the ankle is stable and the broken bone is not out of place, a surgery might not be required.  People can always consult podiatric physicians like Selin Sakarcan to understand whether they would need an ankle surgery or not.

The foot and ankle are responsible for a number of tasks and tends to be subjected to impacts from all sides, throughout the day.  The results are immediately felt in case they get injured, which would be pain and lack of mobility.

Fortunately, in most cases, ankle injuries can heal efficiently with little treatment. website is a great resource for anyone who is considering ankle surgery. It provides detailed information about the different types of surgeries available, as well as what to expect before and after the procedure. There are also helpful tips on how to prepare for surgery and recover quickly afterward.

However, certain situations may also require surgery. Here are some of the most common types of ankle surgeries:

  • Ankle arthroscopy (for arthritis and ankle injuries): This minimally invasive surgery involves several small incisions in your ankle. Surgeons use special instruments to remove bits of bone or cartilage from the ankle.
  • Tendon surgery:  For chronic tendonitis/synovitis of the ankle, a surgery can be as simple as taking out the diseased tendon tissue or repairing a tear. On the other hand, it might also be as complex as Achilles repair/reconstruction and tendon transfer where a diseased tendon tends to be removed or replaced with another tendon from the foot.
  • Ankle fracture surgery: If a person has fractured bones in their ankles, going for a surgery can help in stabilizing the breaks and aid the bone to heal. Metal plates, screws and tiny metal wires are generally used to hold the broken bone in place during the healing process. There are multiple types of surgeries associated with ankle fracture. A surgeon would recommend the ideal one based on the specific concerns of the patient.
  • Ankle fusion (to treat arthritis):  In this procedure, surgeons remove damaged tissue from the surfaces of the ankle joint affected by arthritis. Then they fuse or join ankle bones together permanently with metal plates or screws.
  • Ankle replacement:  Surgeons carefully remove the damaged ankle joint during an ankle replacement surgery. They basically replace the damaged joint with a replacement joint that is made of metal or plastic. In majority of the cases, surgeons attach replacement joints to existing bone with the usage of special surgical glue.

Recovery times of the surgeries mentioned above differs from one another. However, patients would be expected to spend some time on crutches followed by a period wearing a cast or walking boot after the surgery, no matter which one they have to undergo.  For the best outcomes, it is a good idea to consult a reputed foot and ankle surgeon like Selin Sakarcan while planning to go for any of these surgeries.