Ron Phillips New York Shares How The New Jersey Nets Became the Brooklyn Nets

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Ron Phillips New York- An insight into New Jersey Nets

In one of the blog posts, Ron Phillips New York takes his readers back into time and shares how the Nets changed its home and moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. In the late 1970s until the early 1980s, the New Jersey Nets struggled as an NBA team, but they were successful players. They managed to get into the playoffs multiple times; however, they failed to get past the Boston Celtics belonging to Larry Bird.

Worst in NBA’s history and a wake-up call for the team

In 1982, the team fell further and hit really rock bottom, where it won just 19 out of the 82 games it played. This was not all. To add further to its woes of losing, this season was one of the worst in the NBA’s history.

They knew something had to be done. This was the wake-up call for the team, and so they went forward to hire Bill Fitch, a new player, and head coach. Fitch was successful in turning the tables of fate for the team. He got them into playoffs twice in a row despite winning less than 30 games every year.

In 1993, the Nets took on board Jayson Williams, a new player. To make him play for New Jersey, they promised him that the following year, the team would move to a new arena located in downtown Newark built by a man called Bruce Ratner.

Joining the Yankees

However, the following season ended, and soon after, the owner of the team, Arthur Brown, sold his stake in the team to the Yankees. It was a holding company that looked after the business operations of the owner of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner, and family.

This is how the Nets became a part of the so-called “Evil Empire,” the nickname that some fans had given the Yankees due to their immense popularity in the country at that time. Of course, some dedicated fans of the Nets were deeply upset by this move.

Subsequently, with the passage of time,one thing later led to another, and the Nets gradually stopped playing in New Jersey. They took the journey to move about 40 miles to the north of Brooklyn, where they still play till this state as the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center. This is the whole story of how the New Jersey Nets Became The Brooklyn Nets in America. All of it has nicely been shared by Ron Phillips New York in his blog.