Police Checks Helps Prevent Hiring Mistakes

Your organization’s recruitment policy provides an essential framework for ensuring that pre-selection processes produce the right results for your business. However, in conversations with business owners, people constantly worry about the number of diligent managers who do not insist on control and do not stick their heads in the sand regarding the risks they take when hiring new employees for their organization.

The help of police checks

Whether you are hiring permanent positions, using contractors, or providing short-term access to your workplace or systems to a third party, you must take steps to protect the integrity of your security systems and the well-being of your staff. Often, if you are volunteering, the police will not charge you. If you are volunteering, be sure to bring a letter from the institution where you are volunteering stating that you need a police background check and that you are volunteering, read more at https://www.crimcheck.org.au/police-check-nsw.

Many crimes go unreported to the police due to business owners’ fear that shortcomings in their policies or practices will become public knowledge. The likelihood of recovering stolen property or funds is also relatively low, reducing the motivation to report crimes against the company and thus the risk of adverse publicity.

Be sure to go to the police station as soon as you know you need to stop the police so that you have enough time to complete the paperwork. Depending on your region, the police check may take some time. Some quests won’t let you get started until you’ve completed this important step, so it’s best to start early.

Business owners should limit their company’s exposure to fraud and theft to recognize that criminals who commit deception offenses are more likely to scam the next employer during their interview and application. A simple and inexpensive police check will reveal the applicant’s criminal record, usually within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, there is a high statistical likelihood that a person with a criminal record will re-offend. The advice to business owners is to conduct police checks on all applicants without exception. From an economic point of view, it makes no more sense to refuse police checks than to neglect business insurance.

Many managers cite convenience and security considerations when choosing to conduct police checks. A professional screening and screening company can provide online ordering and delivery of police checks. Keep in mind that the Privacy Act governs your use of the results of a police check, so the provider you use for your checks must also ensure that the results are distributed securely and privately within your organization.


Police checks are simple, quick, and easy to obtain with the applicant’s consent. They are an economical first step to preventing potentially significant losses in your organization.