Our Guide To Starting The Year With A Healthy Smile

While starting the year, we’ve fresh opportunities to enhance our lives. A few of us may plan to cut down extra calories or save money or learn a new course or the like. Aside from these, a big part is to secure good and better health which also includes taking care of dental hygiene.

Of course, our tongue, gums, and teeth are pivotal parts of the body. Paying attention to oral wellbeing is key to sound health. There is time to kick start your journey on the way to robust oral health. 

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Have a look at our ultimate guide to begin your year with a shining smile and stay away from toothache:

Firstly, Keep Brushing Every Day But Not Hostilely

Surely, you may be aware of the fact that brushing twice a day keeps your teeth clean as well as getting rid of bacteria and plague. But, to carry out this practice, you need to use the right technique. Always brush in small circular motions, be careful while brushing to the front, top and back of every tooth. Avoid hard brushing as it leads to permanent tooth damage, sensitivity or gum erosion.  

To get to know more clarification about brushing techniques, you may consult to London dentist who is famed for providing top-notch and excellent advice in dentistry using affordable and professional dental care treatment.

Secondly, Keep Chewing Some Foods Promotes Saliva Flow

Aside from brushing, the practice of chewing is advantageous for your teeth. The reason is the collection of saliva aids in flushing out insoluble acids that are already fixed on the surface. It contains enough calcium and phosphate ions that’ll help in strengthening the tooth enamel.

For example, you can take into practice chewing foods that contain sugar-free gum that lasts longer in your mouth, cheese defuses acids, cranberries that aid in the healing of cavities or healthy snacks including raw vegetables, fruits, hard-boiled eggs, plain yoghurt, nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

Thirdly, Make Use Of Fluoride

Fluoride is prepared from a component that digs on earth’s dust called fluorine. Experts think that fluoride aids in preventing tooth cavities & it is one element, contained in mouthwash and toothpaste. Though a few dental products are deficient from an adequate amount of fluoride and some folks are unaware of this fact.

Lacking this element ends in tooth decay. Moreover, some communities add fluoride to their water sources by providing branded water bottles. London dentist takes care of all these precautions to ensure safety measures among patients while continuing to offer dental care.

At the end of the day, it is commendable to apply handy tips to cure your dental care, failing which, you may end up in tooth cavities, sensitivity, gum disease or other hectic dental issues. Keep staying your eyes on healthy tips or book a consultation with an experienced dentist now. Have a good day. Wishing you and your loved ones well😊.