How To Tell If Your Turnout Rugs Are Good Quality

Whether you have to save your horse against insect bites in the stable on in the grasslands or you have to offer protection to it against the scorching heat of the sun or the cold winds during the winter season, the use of rugs is very much important and necessary.

As per the specific and varied needs of different types of horses and also the prevalent weather conditions, different types of rugs manufactured from different fabrics are available in the market. Since it is all about the comfort of your horse therefore you need to choose and use high-quality rugs. Now you may ask how to tell if the turnouts being used by you for your horse are good quality. Well, here are some important things to consider in this respect.

Comfortable Fabric

One of the most important features of good quality turnout rugs is the comfort factor. It means the rugs that prove to be comfortable for your horse are surely assured of their good quality. Such rugs are manufactured using fine quality materials and fabrics so that the horses using the same may feel relaxed.

Easily And Properly Fitting

Certainly, it is also a great indicator that may help you tell if the rugs meant for your horse are of high quality. The rugs must be easily and properly fit on the body of the horse. Only high-quality rugs can be fitted onto the body of the horse in easy and desired manners.

Just Appropriately Weighed

The weight of the rugs is also a determining factor that may let you know about the quality of the same. The rugs that are appropriately weighed mean these are neither too heavy nor too light and can be considered to be good quality. Such rugs can be easily carried and handled as well as used to cover the body of the horse.

Breathable Fabric

The rugs that are manufactured from breathable fabrics are always assured of their good quality in all respects. It means the fabric must be such that the skin of the horse keeps on breathing normally without feeling suffocated which in turn rules out chances of any irritation or other issues on the skin.

Easy To Be Cleaned

Lastly, the turnout rugs that are quite easy to be cleaned with the use of some simple cleaning materials are again assured of their good quality in all respects.

By checking all these points in the rugs meant for your horse, you may come to know if it is really good quality. The use of good quality rugs helps in keeping your horse comfortable, clean, and relaxed during different types of weather conditions and activities.