How to research your thesis topic?

Finding a (good) research topic is not as easy as you might think for a student. Indeed, this requires a lot of thought because choosing a research subject “commits” the apprentice researcher for months, even years, as is the case in the context of a thesis. Choosing the wrong topic for research can be dramatic. We will see this in this article through a few tips, which are fully practical and pragmatic to find a good research topic.

Thesis topic

A research subject arises from and is linked to one or more themes (themes) from which and around which you will develop a thought. The chosen subject must directly connect with your discipline and agreement with your thesis or thesis supervisor. But what is a theme? For example, in the field of psychology, autism, alternative therapies are research themes.

But concretely, what does a research subject look like?

To fully understand a subject and distinguish between “research subject” and “research themes. Indeed, we can see right now that a research subject is neither too precise nor too vast (as can be a theme). This is the funnel principle.

Funnel research topic

It is essential to distinguish between students who have the free choice of a subject concerning their discipline, from which the teachers offer a list of subjects (themes) from which they must choose a subject.

A good research topic must be engaging, even fascinating.

It is fundamental to deal with a subject that interests you firmly, even that fascinates you, otherwise you will have neither the desire nor the motivation to carry out your research to the end. Indeed, research requires weeks, months, and even years (within the framework of a thesis) of reading, writing, reflection. Therefore, it is impossible to work on a subject that interests you or finds boring. You can hire the Proofreading Service that ensures that your thesis is error-free and engaging. What topic would you be particularly interested in addressing – knowing that you will need to devote a lot of your time and energy to it

It should not be too close to you.

Be careful not to select a subject that is too personal, that is to say, a subject that concerns you too closely. We tend to want to deal with a subject that interests us, in which we are personally involved and for which we seek to understand, even to seek an answer.

A good research subject must have value beyond the dissertation or thesis

Ideally, your dissertation subject (or your thesis) should serve your academic career, make sense in the context of your internship location, and be linked to your professional project.

Indeed, suppose the student has the opportunity to choose his thesis subject. In that case, he can assume that it will be helpful to him when he has to apply for such a coveted specialized professional master’s degree or prepare a thesis project from the master. Along with that the Thesis proofreading is also essential.

In addition, a research topic can be used to solve a problem at its place of internship (for example, there are topics on institutional violence that interns have encountered). Finally, the student can have a professional project in mind, and the dissertation or thesis can open the doors to the desired job.