Effective Tips For Storing Developed Films For A Long Term

We all have developed films or physical photographs that are all about beautiful moments in life. It is not just the older generations who have developed pictures, even today’s generation hire a professional on special occasions like wedding, baby shoot, and so on to capture the best times and preserve them in form of tangible pictures.

However, one might often come across troubles while storing these photographs. People sometimes feel disheartened when they open an album and see the pictures therein blotched or otherwise deteriorated over due course of time.

If you wish to keep your photographs forever fresh and away from such repercussions, try using the below-mentioned tips.

  • Store in a cool and dry place

One of the most crucialtips a good nyc film developingstudio will give you to preserve the quality and prevent damage of developed films is to store photographs in a cool and dry place. The reason is that heat and humidity can deteriorate the photographs. Ideally, films should be stored at a temperature of around 15-20°C (59-68°F) and a relative humidity of around 40-50% to keep them intact for a long time.

  • Avoid exposure to excessive light

Developed films should be stored in a shady place to avoid exposure to light because straining light can cause the film to fog. Eventually, you will see that the color, contrast, and sharpness of your photographs have changed sourly, especially at the spots where the light was mostly dense or targeted. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep the images or album in a bag if you wish to maintain the color and quality in pristine form.

  • Handle with care

One of the biggest mistakes people make while cherishing their developed photographs is that they rub their fingers across the pictures or keep touching them on the emulsion side. To be specific and clear, the emulsion side is the side of the film that has the image upfront. It is prone to damage easily even because of fingerprints. This is why you should be extra gentle and avoid touching the emulsion side to prevent damage. Also, bear in mind to avoid bending or creasing the developed image while holding or storing it.

  • Get images developed by a professional

Yes, you read that right! Even selecting the film developing jersey citystudio or lab will affect the quality of the pictures. It is crucial to avail such photo developing services from a professional because they will be using high-quality chemicals and equipment to ensure that the film is developed correctly and for long-term keepsake. Even the quality of the paper used by them to produce the tangible picture will play a huge role in deciding how long it will stay in a good form. Poor quality paper is prone to timely damage.

The crux is that preserving and storing developed films for long-term use requires a combination of careful handling and proper storage on your part while the usage of high-quality material on the developer’s part.