Adam Seger on Treating the Palate to Delicious Dishes

Traveling can be a stress buster for some and an opportunity to learn something unique about a destination for others. No matter what brings someone to a specific part of the globe, one cannot get the authentic feel of the place without knowing its food. Whether it is Chicago or some other corner, exploring its popular dishes can be a must.

The city is full of options. It cannot be wrong to address this American city as a diner’s paradise. Still, some eateries tend to be better than others when it comes to authenticity and varieties. Dropping by them to sample their unique dishes can quickly become a memorable moment.

One of Chicago’s well-known mixologists, Adam Seger, also has some of his favorite spots there. Before that, let’s check out a few popular options in this place.

What to eat on the trip? ByAdam Seger

Hot Dog

The Chicago-style hot dog made with multiple toppings packed between the slices of poppy seed bun can be tempting. It can be available in different styles, such as steamed, grilled, and water skimmed. The fillings can vary from one place to another. These often tend to contain a generous amount of meat with tomato and onion slices. Other ingredients can be sweet pickle relish, dill pickle, etc. A dash of celery salt and yellow mustard can seal the dish. For a food lover, this single item can be enough to bask in varied flavors at once.

Deep-dish Pizza

Most people love to have pizza. When in the city, tasting thick pie-type pizza baked over an iron skillet can be the ultimate. Even round pizzas with medium to thin crusts can also be attractive. Most of them use wheat flour to create yellow color and burnt flavor. The thick ones can have toppings upside down laid with layers of cheese, meat, sauce, and veggies. One can find the mushroom, pepper, corn, tomato, and onion in it. The cheesy treat is easy to find almost everywhere in the city.


The Puerto Rican dish has been popular in the city since 1996. It is a yummy sandwich that differs from others for its ingredients and style. Chefs generally use fried green plantains instead of bread for a healthy twist. Beef, lettuce, cheese, garlic-infused mayonnaise, tomatoes, and onions are common additions. Those who don’t like beef can switch to pork or chicken varieties.

Shrimp dish

Seafood is one of the specialties of the city. It can be a perfect appetizer or main course based on one’s preference. For an experience, order the 19th or 20th century-old Shrimp DeJonghe. In this casserole-style dish, chefs add peeled shrimps with a dash of garlic along with wine or sherry-soaked breadcrumbs. The delicacy is again available at many places.

Adam Seger emphasizes the significance of flavors of food and drinks. The presentation and the restaurant’s ambiance can add to a diner’s experience a little more. While touring a city, one can browse through different options to have the natural feel of its culture.