5 lab diamond jewellery for your fashion collection

Lab diamonds are becoming more prominent in the jewellery market. They came into existence much later, at a time when natural diamonds had been discovered and were being used for jewellery. So, it took time for lab diamonds to gain popularity and even be accepted as “real” diamonds. Yes, they are real diamonds and the only difference is that they are made through a different process. Natural diamonds are costlier and are sometimes acquired through means which may not be credible. But lab diamonds are made in labs and sourced ethically. As more and more celebrities embrace lab diamonds, as Meghan Markle did, the common masses have become more accepting ofthem. So, if you have a fashion collection, here are five diamond jewellery pieces for you.

Tennis bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is always in fashion. Lab diamonds are laid out over the metal band and sparkle brilliantly. It lends an elegance to the wearer’s wrist. The piece provides a luxurious look when worn alone but does even better when layered with a pretty watch. The close setting gives the diamonds a magnified illusion. The bracelet isn’t fat or chunky, it is usually on the slimmer side, but the diamonds make it look exceptionally pretty.

Halo rings

Lab diamond rings are quite affordable and that is why it is recommended for people getting engaged too. It doesn’t have a huge price tag on it, yet has all the brilliance of a natural diamond. The ethical stones sparkle beautifully when worn and have a flawless look. Halo rings have a gorgeous design and automatically catch the eye. But if the halo isn’t your style, then other designs are also available. Lab diamonds can be customized to make a ring of your choice.

Cluster earrings

Lab diamond cluster earrings are made from many round and radiant diamonds. Using these earrings will highlight your facial features and bring some sparkle. Cluster earrings are made of multiple diamonds and can be purchased within a reasonable budget if you go for lab made diamonds. Diamond studs and diamond hoop earrings will also make excellent additions to your jewellery collection.


A diamond necklace makes for a gorgeous piece. Think of the necklace that Richard Burton presented to Elizabeth Taylor. A necklace with multiple diamonds on the length of the chain, makes an exquisite jewellery piece. But if one uses natural diamonds all through then it may be quite expensive. But with lab diamonds, if you choose to create a custom necklace or even buy a readymade one, then it can come within a reasonable cost for your jewellery collection.

Diamond pendant

Diamond pendants are usually used on plain metal chains made of precious metal. One can have a small and meaningful pendant with one stone or have a uniquely designed one with multiple diamonds. You can go for a chunky, vintage style locket that opens up to reveal a photograph. Multiple lab diamonds can be used to add the desired sparkle.

Whether it is lab grown diamond engagement rings or earrings, these diamonds have made their foray into mainstream commercial jewellery pieces. So, next time you see a piece with diamonds, do try one with lab made diamonds and you won’t be disappointed.

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