What Are The Main Components Of A CCTV Security System?

One of the most obvious choices that come to our mind when we talk about the security of our properties is CCTV. It is equipped with surveillance cameras that help to keep a track of what’s happening inside and outside your premises. CCTV is a must-have in both commercial and residential properties, to reduce the crime rate and facilitate some unique requirements.

Choosing the right CCTV Essex is very important if you want to stay protected and get the best benefits. In this article, we will talk about different components of CCTV that you should consider and check, before buying the system so that you can get your hands on the best product.


The first and the most important component of CCTV Essex is its camera. You can go for either option for the camera- the analogue one or the Internet Protocol one. The IP is preferred by most people as it can easily integrate with different devices. You can choose your preferred camera depending on the number of cameras you need, the area you wish to cover and the resolution.

Monitoring System

Another important component of a CCTV camera is its monitoring station, wherein one can view different images and footage. Depending on what you are monitoring and what is the area, you would have to choose the right number of monitors. For example, if the CCTV system is covering a large number of facilities, then you will need more monitors. The number of monitors should be compatible with the number of cameras.

Cables And Routers

You should choose the right cables or routers depending on the right surveillance system and cameras you choose. They should be integrated with the system so that you can get a seamless connection. Thus, the cables and routers should be chosen according to your unique needs.

Video Recorders

Your CCTV Essex should have video recorders for storing and viewing videos. You can buy the ones that come with good microphones for added security. You can either go for digital video recorders that are used with a single system or network video recorders that can be integrated easily into a network.

Data Storage

The footage recorded in your CCTV needs to be stored in a device properly for viewing and that is why it is important to have a good storage unit with ample space. The system should be able to record, store, and re-play the footage from various feeds. You cannot use regular hard drives and PCs as the storage unit, as they are mostly incompatible.

To get the best CCTV surveillance system according to your needs, check all the components individually. When you know the components, you would easily know which CCTV system would be the right choice according to your preferences and needs.