Understanding The Real Science Behind Transformation

What do you think is the real science behind the transformation? Does transformation happen just by experience or by knowledge? Or do we need both? Well, there is a lot of debate about this. Kristina Mand-Lakhiani ends this debate in her book, “Becoming Flawesome”. What does she say about transformation? We will know it here. 

The reality is that transformation happens when there is a combination of experience and knowledge. Yes! You must be confused about this. However, the reality is what it is. A true and amazing transformation will always follow when there is a combination of knowledge and experience. How? We will explore more about this in this blog. So, let us explore the real science behind the transformation.

How Knowledge Is Not Just Enough For Transformation?

People say that knowledge will bring transformation. However, it is not completely correct. Will you ever understand how a car feels to drive till you never actually drive it yourself? Just by reading about a dish, will you ever find out how it tastes? Therefore, to understand anything about a point, you must experience it. Therefore, just by knowledge alone, there cannot be transformation. We listen and hear about so many things. However, until we experience it, we cannot realize what it is. So, knowledge is essential but not a single factor for transformation. 

How Experience Is Not Just Enough For Transformation? 

There is a saying that “what does not kill us makes us stronger.” Most people believe so much in this saying. They try to associate their experiences with them and think they are transforming. However, just by experience alone, getting transformed is not possible. Imagine getting a bad experience; what kind of transformation will it be? Will that be anyhow helpful for you? Therefore, just experience alone is not enough. So, what is it that truly ensures transformation? Let us talk about it in the next section.

Transformation Is The Combination Of Both Knowledge And Experience

Well, talking about transformation, true transformation will always come through experience and knowledge. Imagine you are experiencing something that is challenging you. When you know it, you can deal with the same effect. You will know why certain things happen and how they transform your life. The ultimate growth will always come when you have the experience and see it through knowledge. 

Becoming Flawesome With Kristina

In her book, #BecomingFlawesome, Kristina explains this concept in a great manner. You will understand when you read the book. The book is a complete therapy that touches many other aspects of life. You will start understanding what it is about when we talk about transformation. 


She explains how through the combination of both experience and knowledge, you will experience growth and transformation. We have one life that we are supposed to live authentically. So, why fake it as someone else that we are not? Explore what growth and transformation feel like by tapping into the hidden potential. Embrace this journey to finding your true self.