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A licensed electrical contractor provides quality services such as light installation, maintenance, downlights, cabling, garden lighting, and much more. .

From the outstanding work experience as an electrician with quality serviceability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or any unexpected occurrence in your home or work site and provides an obligation-free quote based on your individual needs.

Easton Electrical is the most reliable electrician in Melbourne that take care of your electrical needs and issues. They were authorised to serve you such as homes, commercial, industrial, and in the entire region of Australia.

You can book today with their team and provide special offers for electrical needs like a smoke alarm:

  • Installing your smoke alarm
  • Replacement of the battery in your smoke alarm
  • Test and report only on your smoke alarm if it is working

In addition, Easton electrical also offers you a request to book on their free $100 on-time guarantee. They will schedule you as a priority appointment if you are the first to book an appointment on that day.

What services do they offer for your electrical needs?

Providing highly qualified, friendly, and professional services for all electrical installation and repair for about 30 years, Easton has been serving the electrical industry with their young and motivated team. Therefore, here are the services they offer, such as:

  • Industrial Electrical Contractors

Easton Electrical specialises in installing around your house and maintains the following are:

  • Mezzanine Lighting
  • Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Commercial Kitchen Installations
  • Industrial Electrical Project, and more.
  • Downlight Safety

The Easton will help to reduce safety concerns in the region of Australia about fires caused by the heat from the recessed lighting that catches fire and the materials that generate heat rather than the lights.

Therefore, they are much more likely than the LED downlight because it is warm than hot, which starts a fire. The LED light is 80% more effective than the halogen and fully dimmable.

The LED downlight is an advantage for investing in your house, commercial, and any industrial light installation because it saves energy to high-quality downlights.

  • Emergency Electricians

Easton Electrical is the primary emergency electrician that works 24/7 and can do precisely life-saving because they will ensure you fix all your electrical issues. The company has certified electricians’ experienced deals with your electrical projects, emergency issues, and entire in the region.

  • Smoke Alarms

The Easton offers extensive smoke alarm tests at affordable prices, such as:

  • Battery Operated Smoke Alarm
  • Hard-wired Smoke Alarm

The Easton also specialises in some electrical installation offers, such as:

  • 3 Phase Supply
  • Cabling
  • Connections
  • Downlights
  • Fans
  • Garden Lighting
  • Installation
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • E.D installations
  • Networking
  • Powerpoints
  • Renovations
  • Rewiring
  • Servicing
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Switchboards
  • Safety Switches
  • Tagging
  • Testing
  • V points