Some Reasons Why Parents Need to Swaddle Their Newborns

Mothers have been swaddling their babies for thousands of years. It’s a way for newborns to sleep peacefully because it replicates the feeling of being inside their mother’s wombs. Now, there are many ways to swaddle your newborn. However, Love to Dream made it even better with their award-winning Arms Up swaddles. This design is much better for self-soothing while your babies are asleep. Furthermore, it keeps them secure and snug, as if they’re still in your tummies. So if you want to know the benefits of swaddling your babies with Love to Dream’s baby swaddle, read on to learn more.

Protect Your Baby from Their Natural Startle Reflex

You may have noticed that your newborn startles easily, even though you don’t mean to. That’s called their natural startle reflex, which can sometimes wake them up accidentally while they’re sleeping. So if you don’t want them to get startled easily or activate their startle reflex, swaddling them is one way to go. With Love to Dream’s Arms Up design, your babies have the freedom to raise their hands compared to the traditional swaddling where their arms are across their chests or on their sides. But the suit itself is snug and secure, which means they won’t get startled easily.

Imitates Your Touch

Of course, you can’t hold their babies all day long, or you won’t get the rest and sleep you need. However, one way to imitate your touch is by swaddling. That means it can reduce or ease their anxiety while giving them the assurance they need. It’ll slowly help them learn how to self-soothe, which every baby needs to help them learn how to sleep if ever they wake up suddenly. Thankfully, Love to Dream’s Arms Up design allows your baby to self-soothe easily without a problem. Plus, it will give them the feeling that you’re holding them because it’s snug.

Helps Your Baby Sleep Longer & Better

Since your baby doesn’t feel anxious and doesn’t startle with a baby swaddle, that means they can enjoy longer and better sleep! Therefore, you will also enjoy longer and better rest since your baby won’t be crying every hour. And with Love to Dream’s baby swaddle, your baby will sleep every three hours. Of course, you need to feed them in between so they can grow strong and healthy. Just make sure that they’re comfortable and check if they’re learning to roll over. Otherwise, the swaddle is the best up until two months before they know how to move more independently.

Love to Dream’s Stages

Love to Dream has three stages, which are swaddling, transitional, and independent sleeping. The first one is for newborns until two months of age. Next is transitional, which is ideal for babies who are already rolling over. Finally, independent sleeping bags are for six months and older!