Semi-Automatic Washer: How to wash clothes in a washing machine?

Who doesn’t like wearing clean clothes and dressing up for our daily activities? The clothes are the big mood setters too. If you wish to wear your favourite clothes and see them in the dirty laundry basket that you haven’t looked at for a week, won’t you feel irritated? Understandably, washing is a tedious task. However, it’s a necessary part of being able to wear the clothes you feel confident in. Besides, you don’t have to hand wash. Fellow readers, you don’t have any hassle when you have a guide on  how to wash clothes in a washing machine.Therefore, continue reading, and your life will get simpler. 

How to wash clothes in a semi-automatic washing machine?

The washing machine has various sizes and types. The semi-automatic machine is the right choice to go for. This machine is budget-friendly and easy to use. Moreover, it has various options available that help in efficiently washing the clothes. You’ll just have to manually input some details and instruct the machine to perform the desired tasks. Here’s how to wash clothes in your washing machine.

Connect your machine and adjust the tube

If you’re new to this, it’s okay. The first step is to place your machine in the house where you have a power supply. The ideal place to put a washing machine is in your laundry area with a nearby water supply. Thereafter, plug in your washing machine’s power cord to the electrical board. Next, take your filling tube provided with the semi-automatic machine, and push the narrow end of it into the water input. Then, stick the tube to the faucet. After this, put the faucet into the sink or above your drain area. You can now get a smooth water supply.

Sorting the clothes

Now that you have connected the parts of your machine, it’s time to segregate your clothes. This step prevents dye transfers and damage to your clothes. Make five departments for easy sorting. First of white clothes, second of light coloured clothes, third of dark coloured clothes, fourth of denim, and fifth of delicate fabrics like silk. Washing the clothes in accordance to their type helps in increasing their lifespan and maintains their quality. You can also check their tags for a deep understanding of your clothes.

Treat the stains before washing clothes

Whether it’s a food stain or a liquid stain, you need to lighten or remove it before putting them in your washing machine. For removing the stains, you can use the mixture of water and detergent in equal parts. Then, brush it over the stain and rinse with cold water. This step is necessary because sometimes the stains get harsher after washing.

Setting the right temperature

The most important part of how to wash clothes in the semi-automatic washing machine is setting the right temperature. Fill your washing machine with your faucet till 2/3rd of water. Both cold and warm water temperatures are good for the clothes. However, the cold temperature is perfect for delicate and dark coloured garments. And warm water is good for light coloured clothes. Also, the cold water refrains to react with detergent and cause damage. Therefore, mostly you can use that. It’s your choice to make according to your clothes.

Choose the correct detergent

Detergents not only affect the health of your clothes but also of your washing machine. The liquid and powdered detergents won’t damage if they are diluted. Your choice of detergent can vary but it’s suggested to use liquid detergents. Due to its capability to not clog the machine and stick to the fabrics, it is the right choice. After choosing your detergent, pour it into the washing machine after filling the water. You can read the instruction manual to know the exact ratio of water and detergent. Moreover, you can also start the wash cycle for 5 minutes to let the detergent mix properly.

Add your laundry

You might have segregated your clothes for this step. Next, put the clothes in your washing machine’s drum, which is filled with soapy water. Thereafter, check if there’s enough space left for them to get washed. It’s not recommended to overload them. If you have a large load, then divide them into two or three smaller washing periods.

Set the washing cycle

Every bucket of clothes needs a particular period to get washed and dried. The excessive or shorter time can lead to your clothes’ damage. Set the machine’s setting to wash. You can set the timer from 6 to 9 minutes. However, don’t go below 6 minutes, especially with your athletic clothes.

Spinning your clothes

You must have a separate department in your semi-automatic washing machine for spinning the clothes. It’s usually on the right side of the machine but it can vary. After locating it, take off the additional covers underneath the lid. Next, put your clothes inside that compartment from the wash. Change the machine’s setting from the “wash” to “spin.” The timer can be set from 2 to 5 minutes. Additionally, you can turn on the cold water tap for an effective rinse of the clothes. Eventually, the water will get drained out.

Drying your clothes

You can pre-dry your clothes in your machine for 3 to 5 minutes if there’s an option. Otherwise, take your clothes out of your machine and squeeze them. Thereafter, hang them to dry under the sun or air.

After-care of the machine

Check if your drainage tube is in your drain area or sink. Hereafter, turn on the draining setting on your washing machine. Let the machine get fully drained out. Next, switch to the wash setting to turn off the machine. Then take a clean cloth and wipe your wash and spin departments. Besides, you can also clean your washing machine thoroughly. Let it dry.

Wrapping Up

Clothes are important for us. It defines our personality and keeps our bodies safe. Therefore, it’s vital to take good care of them by washing and storing them properly. Semi-automatic washing machines are small or medium in size that fits easily in the apartments. They’ll efficiently wash your clothes and make them happy. Our guide on how to wash your clothes in the washing machine should ease your stress. Therefore, you can save this article to make the optimum use of your washing machine. Have a good laundry day.


1.    Are semi-automatic washing machines better than fully automatic machines?

Both of the washing machines are good at what they do, i.e. cleaning the clothes. The fully automatic washing machines have advanced features. While semi-automatic lack them and need manual attention.

2.    Should I use fabric softener?

Yes, you can use the fabric softener. It softens and keeps the clothes wrinkle-free.

3.    Does having the right detergent matter?

Yes, it does. Detergents play a role in maintaining the health of your clothes and machine. It is the key factor of washing clothes completely. Therefore, you can choose liquid detergents for efficient cleaning.

4.    Can I set the washing cycle for 10 minutes?

Yes, you can set your clothes for 6 to 10 minutes. But be careful with them and remove your garments on time.