Nelson Partners Underlines the Defining Traits of Premium Students Housing

Premium, luxury housing is a term that one would see cropping up pretty frequently on real estate magazines, blog posts, articles and more. While there is no set parameters that define that should be considered luxurious when it comes to a living space, it definitely should be comfortable and convenient enough for the residents. A lot of ‘luxury’ student housing projects have cropped up over the years, especially in the United States. Companies like Nelson Partners particularly specialize in developing, acquiring, managing and operating such properties.

Modern students have a high degree of expectations when it comes to their college housing. They usually prefer living in premium off campus accommodation facilities that can help them to elevate their lifestyle. Here are some of the traits of such properties:

  • A pool to cool off at: There are many states in the US that become way too hot during the summers. Hence, to provide their residents the benefit of cooling off in the soothing waters, student housing projects need to have a swimming pool. There is hardly any better way to cool off after multiple long lectures at college than to take a dip in the pool.
  • Provisions for grilling with friends: Grilling can be a great social activity. Outdoor grilling on the weekends brings everyone together in a fun environment, creating the perfect ambiance to make new friends. Many luxury student housing facilities have a courtyard featuring multiple grilling stations.
  • A serene place to study: It can be hard to think about studying for the fall semester, when the colleges close for the summers. Moreover, during the school year students are burdened with a number of assignments and projects. In this situation, having an accommodation with a study lounge can be a huge advantage. Students won’t need to trek back to the college library daily, if they can just gather their friends for late night study sessions down the hall.
  • Meet gym goals without paying pesky membership fees: While looking for luxury student housing, one needs to find a building that has a well-equipped fitness center. Staying healthy and fit would become a lot easier if all a person has to do is to don their workout clothes and head straight to the fitness center right in their building itself.

No student housing property can be considered to be a ‘luxury’ one, unless it has the right location. Hence, one needs to look for accommodation options that are located near their campus, as well as important off campus hangout spots, and public transportation. The perfect location would defiantly make the life of the student a lot easier. After all, no one would want to commute for hours daily just to get to their campus. Companies like Nelson Partners are renowned to develop premium student housing projects that are not only feature packed, but also smartly located near the campus to ensure optimal student convenience.