How to Maintain your Jute Rugs in the Best Possible Way

Do you want to keep your jute rug safe? Consider the best methods available online for proper maintenance of your prized possession. This natural plant fiber would be used for manufacturing numerous items inclusive of mats, rugs, and ropes. The inexpensive plant fiber would offer several products for your home decoration needs. In a majority of cases, jute has gained the same popularity with the people as cotton did in the weaving industry.

A major reason for this popularity has been the durability feature offered by jute. These rugs could be availed in organic and natural colors. You could also make the most of these rugs made available in colorful and bright designs.

After you have purchased jute rugs for your home décor needs, consider gaining knowledge about a few tips to provide the best care for jute rugs.

  • Vacuuming the rug

It would be important for you to vacuum the rug regularly. Consider vacuuming all jute rugs in your home at least twice a week. It would be important for you to vacuum all rugs with and against the weaving line. The rugs have been known to gather lots of dust due to excessive foot traffic. The rugs should be kept clean from all sides.

  • Cleaning up spills quickly

It would be in your best interest to clean all spills and moisture from the jute rug as quickly as possible. By using a piece of cloth, consider removing all moisture. Keep cleaning the rug of moisture even if you need another piece of cloth. Rest assured that humidity could destroy the jute fabric in a relatively short duration. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to avoid using jute rugs outside your bathroom and entryways. Jute rugs used in places where water drips frequently could hamper the jute rug considerably.

  • Getting rid of stains

To get rid of stains on a jute rug, consider using club soda if the absorbent cloth fails to absorb the moisture or spill completely. By soaking a cloth in club soda and using it on the spilled area of a jute rug, consider using a hairdryer for drying the rug completely of any moisture that is left behind.

  • Getting rid of molds

Molds tend to grow relatively quickly if you were not careful with your rugs. If you leave your jute rug in a moist condition, molds would grow quickly on the rug deteriorating its appearance and quality. A good way would be to keep the jute rugs in front of the fan for some time to dry the moisture from the rug.

Keeping the rugs clean would be important for you. If you were to live in a healthy home environment, consider keeping your rugs clean at all times. Keeping your rugs clean would also enhance the overall beauty of your home. These aforementioned tips would ensure that you keep your rugs clean and your home free of germs. You could also hire a specialist to handle your jute rugs maintenance needs.