How can you integrate WhatsApp into your business communication platform?

Today, the WhatsApp Business Platform has been growing at an exponential rate across geographical boundaries. With the launch of WhatsApp for Business by WhatsApp and Facebook, the app allows companies and brands to create an account with the details, and information and allows the contact to monitor app-related insights. WhatsApp for Business Platform is designed for any form or size of business that may be small, medium, or large. It WhatsApp Business platform provides space safety and private message directly to the customers. WhatsApp provides the advantage of direct communication with the customers and target population by a single number from a verified business brand. This helps in providing reliable delivery information which is an added benefit for any business to know if the message has been delivered as well as read. It enhances the communication cycle.

WhatsApp Business API solution is tailored for large brands or businesses that demand seamless integration with other channels and data sets.  WhatsApp Business API solution allows the business to communicate with customers all over the world. It too allows designing a business profile but WhatsApp Business API service users can get a verified green tick to add brand quality and authentication. With WhatsApp Business API, a business can create chatbots that enhance communication flow. With the integration of the WhatsApp Business API service, multiple customers can be entertained at the same time, from any part of the globe and at a given point in time as it can send bulk notifications. Instant order placement and payment confirmation, booking confirmation, and the status of the order are some of the important features offered by the WhatsApp Business API solutions. It can be integrated with other channels; it uses automation and multiple agents can access it.

Integrating WhatsApp Business API can help with the following:

  1. WhatsApp for Business provides around the clock service to customers which makes service delivery easy
  2. Instant response to customers can strengthen a strong communication network
  3. WhatsApp Business API brands can reach out to customers across the globe, thus making communication smoothly without barriers.
  4. It provides a comfortable and secure space that has easily replaced traditional calls, texts, and emails
  5. Various innovative and advanced communication technologies make it more customer-friendly. Options like Call-in-Action and video-audio-documents attachments make conversations draw customer attention. Businesses can go one step further by allowing quick replies with a payload that can be instantly sent to customers.
  6. WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to understand and analyze customers’ behavior. Time of message delivery, reading the message, and response time are analyzed for effective service.
  7. It ensures high deliverability with a very high engagement rate
  8. WhatsApp Business account allows businesses to communicate with customers securely within a single platform. It removes the risk of falsified messages as different channels are used. With customization, the brands can be easily recognized. It helps in all stages of transition with every step of assistance. Along with reach and feedback, the after-sale support of any query or concern is also addressed by it.
  9. The multilingual feature helps connect brands and customers without a language gap and easier exchange

The option for instant notification in WhatsApp Business API can be used for providing access to upcoming events or even live feeds. The customers can be updated on any ongoing or upcoming event by the business. People might gain interest to visit the event or see the crowd for the brand. Another important yet recent launch in the WhatsApp Business API platform is the WhatsApp Business Directory. It is a fast, convenient and safe way for the users to find local shops, restaurants, and businesses on WhatsApp itself. On the other hand, it also helps businesses to reach customers by sharing business information for free. This application is at a very early stage and thus is launched for business in central São Paulo alone. Yet, it is expected to cover the global business soon.

A business with a WhatsApp number can convert it to a Business WhatsApp number which can be further upgraded to a WhatsApp Business API number. Many WhatsApp Business API providers offer each WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Business API accounts with ease. Knowlarity is one of the popular WhatsApp Business API providers that offer many features in affordable packages. It is trusted by more than 6000 industries and organizations from around 65+ countries of the world. Knowlarity is the largest cloud communication provider in emerging markets with customers from different industries.