Epic Sanctuaries – Great to Get Close to Nature Goodness in Kashmir

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Kashmir is finest destination for many travelers across world. If you want to see different wildlife, it is the best choice. A diverse range of wildlife sanctuaries are available in this destination. In the wildlife sanctuary, you can see prominent species like markhor, Tibetan wild dog, Kashmir musk deer, chiru, snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, and a lot more. With the kashmir tourismyou have a great chance to view animals and natural habitats. Wildlife Sanctuary is the center of attraction in Kashmir.

Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary is the best spot for tourists to visit amazing wildlife. One can locate this sanctuary for observing animals living in cold regions. It is very close to Srinagar and locates about forty-eight kilometers. 

The place is rich in the full of natural vegetation and beauty. It is an amazing paradise in Kashmir that consists of different flora and fauna. Whether you plan to visit this site, you can discover amazing creatures very close. When visiting the sanctuary, you can view the popular animals, including musk deer, black and brown bears, leopards and red foxes.

Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary:

Hirpora wildlife sanctuary locates in shopian district in this destination. It is the perfect home to a different array of birds and animals. While visiting this sanctuary, you can view the prominent animals like leopards, musk deer, Tibetan wolves and others that come under endangered species.

When it comes to birds, you can view a variety of birds, like white-capped redstarts and Himalayan woodpeckers. It is the best way to discover the perfect blend of animals and birds in a single place. Travelers feel a truly amazing experience when locating a sanctuary.

Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary:

Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary is very close to Kashmir. It is a great place for travelers to explore the lush green plain where a huge range of animals and birds are alive. People consider it as one of the popular kashmir tourist placesOne can find a large concentration of axis deer. It is highly remarkable and common across the park.

  • A large range of mammals is present in the sanctuary.
  • You can view beautiful mammals like barking deer, wild boars, cheetals, and rhesus monkeys.
  • Sanctuary is also rich in a variety of birds, such as green pigeons, blue rock pigeons, and red jungle fowl.
  • March to May is best for viewing birds, and September to March is ideal for watching mammals.
  • Trekking lovers also visit this sanctuary for the trekking activity.

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary:

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated very close to the Lachipora village. It is the perfect option for tourists to get close to the northern banks of the Jhelum River. The whole sanctuary is surrounded by the dense forest.

Whether you are a green field lover, you can locate this destination. Wild goat is vital species in this sanctuary that also find in certain parts of Pakistan. Tourists explore the rich variety of forests and trees in this destination. Western tragopan is an endangered species in the sanctuary.