All You Need To know About PLASMA Certification

PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association) is a body recognised nationally which looks after the safety and training for mobile access towers. Certified instructors give these training and reach courses at accredited centres to people who assemble, use, inspect, and dismantle towers. The mobile towers are used in different environments as a replacement for ladders.

It is essential to get PASMA training London from a renowned centre, regularly audited to ensure that they provide standard training. By taking up the course, you can easily showcase to potential employers that you have the right level of competency to work on the different types of mobile towers.

What Is Included In PASMA Training?

A wide range of courses is offered for PASMA training, and students can choose one according to their needs and preferences. This is a one-day course which is highly focused on practicals. The courses generally come with a few hours of practical exercises so that the delegates would know the right ways of dealing with the mobile towers safely and proficiently. The training would also give the students information about legislation and regulations that affect working at a height on mobile towers. They would also give details on EN1004:2004 product standards and the PASMA code of practice. The PASMA training London course also includes the best practices for fall protection, hazard awareness, and tower inspection completion.

How Long Does The Certification Last?

Once you have successfully passed the training course, a photo card with the PASMA certificate will be issued. It is a well-recognised certification across several industries that deal with mobile towers. The certificate is valid for five years. You would have to take the course once again to renew the certification.

What Are The Benefits Of PASMA Certification?

Multiple jobs in different industry verticals need you to have the PASMA certification. The certificate would indicate that you completed the full course and training. It means you have all the required knowledge and skills to work with the mobile towers. This is essential training required for compliance with laws and safety regulations.

Who Should Take Up This Training?

Anyone working or aspiring to work with mobile towers should take this course and get PASMA certification. More industries, workplaces, and sites have now started to use these access towers instead of ladders because of their stability, durability, and efficiency. These towers also have an enclosed area consisting of guard rails and toe boards. These things give it extra protection against a person falling from a height or failing equipment.

Thus, if you aspire to work in an industry where you would have to work at a height, then completing the course and getting PASMA certified is an absolute must. It will show your employer you have the knowledge, skill, and competency to work with mobile access towers.