All about Megasorber and its various products

A popular Australian company that manufactures and designs fireproof sound-absorbing panels is Megasorber. They are a great manufacturer for architectural acoustic applications. Such as reverberation or echo reduction. Also, in-plant room soundproofing, air duct lining, and HVAC soundproofing for thermal and acoustic.

There are a lot of soundproofing materials nowadays. Many are good products and useful for soundproofing, one of these is the Megasorber. They have a broad range of advanced products, that are specifically created to give a comfortable and quiet environment.

Products of Megasorber:

  • Megasorber P

Megasorber P acoustic fire-resistant panel uses a fireproof sound-absorbing facing material. That is known as Soundmesh G8 and has excellent sound absorption. Soundmesh G8 facing is an amazing material that breaks the soundwave down into little components. Megasorber P has high durability in humid and hot conditions. It also gives superb thermal insulation. It is durable, tough, protective, and the surface can be easily clean.

  • Alpha Cabin

The Megasorber Alpha Cabin is a close-packed reverberation chamber for sound absorption assessment. It can be used to measure acoustic performance for your product and project designs. The Alpha Cabine needs small samples and is the advanced solution for quick validation of acoustic performance. For Complex 3D objects and Flat acoustic panels.

  • Megasorber FM

Fire-resistant sound-absorbing panels are the Megasorber FM. It features an NRC up to 1.0 and thermal insulation. The panels easily direct-fix onto ceilings, insulated panels, walls. And also provide acoustic insulation. They are easy to divide and install and clean as well. Since the dust and dirt can be removed quickly. These lightweight panels echo in spaces and address reverberation. Such as office buildings, clubs, multipurpose halls, music rooms, sports stadiums. Swimming pools, restaurants, aquatic centers.

  • Megasorber PN

Megasorber’s PN is a fixed and fine sound absorption board. That is designed particularly to be used as an acoustic backing board. For metal battens, slotted MDF panels, timber battens, and expanded metal ceiling tiles. It is also broadly used as drop-in ceiling tiles for a quality ceiling grid. The boards can be installed easily and can be stapled onto slotted or timber slats into position.

  • Soundmesh G8 and G8A

Soundmesh is a nonflammable and thin acoustic lining material for perforated metal sheets. Timber slats, architectural metalwork, and slotted panels. It has a heat-reactive adhesive backing that is created for the heat-bonding method. The lightweight and thin products are suitable for aquatic centers. Also in outdoor applications, and swimming pools.