Adjustable Beds For More Comfort In Your Bedroom

There are many good reasons for purchasing a height-adjustable bed system. Simple slatted frames with a manually adjustable headboard are no longer state-of-the-art.

In many fashionable bedrooms there are now adjustable bed frames at the push of a button that can almost silently adjust the shape and height of a mattress to your needs using electric motors.

The pocket spring mattresses and box spring beds in our exhibition offer the highest level of comfort, a modern design and are available in countless designs.

Individual top mattresses can have different degrees of firmness and thus support your body weight point-elastic, so that you sleep perfectly and get up in the morning refreshed.

The comfortable, adjustable beds Melbourne are available in many sizes and with a wide range of accessories.

Adjusting the headboard and footboard is very easy and convenient.

Matching covers made of fine materials, soft toppers for even more comfort and the finest pillows allow your head, spine, back and legs to relax and recover.

More Sleeping Comfort In The Bedroom Thanks To Adjustable Beds And Bed Frames

Electrically adjustable beds can be divided into two categories and always offer special sleeping comfort.

In our premium sleeping studio you get a large selection of box spring beds and comfort beds, the base mattresses of which can be flexibly adjusted.

The settings range from a raised foot section to put your legs up and relax after a long day at work, to an adjustable head section so that you can still watch TV comfortably in the evening.

These and other reclining positions can be easily set using a remote control at the push of a button and are considered a future-oriented extension of the possibilities of bed frames.

The second category of height-adjustable beds includes so-called care beds or beds for senior citizens.

Caring for the elderly is anything but easy, and yet everyone should be able to lie down and sleep comfortably, regardless of their individual physical limitations.

Lift systems for beds and point-elastic mattresses enable comfortable entry and exit as well as advantages for the caregiver by working in a standing position instead of a bent position.

Fortunately, senior beds and care beds with lift systems are available in many designs on the market.

Discover not only electrically adjustable bed frames and mattresses, but also many other ways to do something good for your body with better furniture.

Modern bed systems, whether with slatted frames or a lift system, are one of our areas of expertise.

In our exhibition, there are not only senior beds or Pure Beds box spring beds, but also often pure emotions, joy, and surprise when the customers discover the next level of comfort for every bodyweight.

One would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the special offers and quick assembly.