4 Tips to work Smarter and not Harder

Whether at work or in life we all want to accomplish more without performing more. Even while writing down this article I am finding ways to spend just a few hours constructing this rather than spending half of my day. And even while reading this article you are finding ways to finish it up in a few seconds rather than giving it a whole 5 minute read. To your and my surprise, by minimizing distractions we can do this.

While working from home a lot of us have suffered from the troubles of getting distracted. Those who work from home know how troubling elongated working hours can get. Not only do you experience burnout but the unfinished work results in workload which then results in having zero motivation to work at all. Many companies in the country, regardless of remote work issues, have decided to continue with the new working standard. This means that remote working is not going anywhere but you can do a lot about fixing your ways of working from home.

For example, the abrupt remote working shift made employees struggle with a slow internet service. However, it only took a few mental breakdowns and anger burst for them to switch to a better internet service provider. By having a high speed internet service like Spectrum with Spectrum Charlotte not only can you find new wave productivity and efficiency at work out you will also achieve a lot more hours to spend in home and enjoy your home life.

Now changing to a better internet service provider was a smart move, there is a lot more that you need to work on.

Delegate more

If you are a control freak, a micromanager, or a perfectionist then mastering the art of delegation can be a tough task. The key here is to understand that the ability will make you productive. One study has shown that the CEOs who delegate have experience lower level of decisions fatigue, less experience of burnout, and are able to generate 33% more revenue than those with low delegation skills.

The art of delegation is not easy to achieve but it is an essential skill. If you believe in yourself, you are going to work on it.

Focus on high-impact tasks first

While working remotely there is a high chance that you would want to get one with the small tasks while your family is awake. Many of us wait for the time when everyone is asleep or may get busy in their smart device to finish up the bigger task. While this trick might be working out for some, it can damage your healthy life. Instead of trying to accomplish everything in one go or leaving the bigger task for a later time you need to get done with the high-impact task first. You need to start paying concentration more on the thing that is of critical importance. 

Know when to quit

It may seem counteractive, but it is extremely essential to know when to shut your computer and start your home life. A lot of us have been experiencing burnout. This is because we are blurring the line between work and home life; there is never a shutdown button to the work-life. Even when we are not working, we think about the upcoming tasks. While from far you might seem like the most dedicated employee but for people living and expecting time from you, you are not able to balance the situation.

As tempting as it might seem to burn the midnight oil just stop panicking about the upcoming projects. Once you are done with your work you need to shut down your work system and have some rest.

Do not wait for motivation

One of the simplest tricks and advice we can give you, in the end, is this. If by not completing a task, you are putting yourself into stress and anxiety you should try completing the task. Starting a new project can be hard but if you start working on how to carry out the task then your brain would have the desire to complete it.

Manage your time

We know that it is easier said than done but trust us when you have a firm hand with time management nothing is stopping you.